Casino Danmark Jackpot

’Test your luck: wager only DKK 1 and win the Jackpot – which is at least DKK 2,000,000

Minimum stakes - maximum prize

For only DKK 1 you can win a Jackpot of at least DKK 2,000,000 in the national Casino Danmark Jackpot. The rules are simple: put a Danish coin worth DKK 1 in the machine and push the button.

That way you are in the race for the millions - with instant rewards!

A percentage of all bets is added to a national pot that constantly grows. The initial amount of the Jackpot is DKK 2.000.000 which is a substantial amount - even if there has just been another winner.

Follow the money

You can monitor the size of the Jackpot while you are playing or live on - how long dare you wait?

In the Casino Danmark Jackpot 93 out of 100 kroner is paid out in prize money. That is twice as much as the national lottery "Lotto".

In the Danish casinoes we welcome everyone over 18 years - and you do not have to look like a movie star on the red carpet. Most guests are couples, friends, cardclubs or colleagues, who combine a fine meal with a fun night in good company.