Jackpot Club

In Jackpot Club you will find more than 60 gaming machines many of which have up to 5 games to choose from.

Bets vary from DKK 1 to over DKK 200. This is the way we make sure that there is a game for everyone.

Huge returns

All gaming machines in Casino Marienlyst are regularly inspected by the authorities. This way we make sure we always keep the minimum payout percentage.

According to Danish law all gaming machines must pay back a minimum of 80% - in Casino Marienlyst most gaming machines pay back 93%.

That is amongst the highest paybacks in Denmark and far greater than the national lottery.

Gaming machines

The classic gaming machine had three reels with different symbols (horseshoes, bells etc.) and was activated by a pull in an "arm". It was invented in America in the late 18th century.

The gaming machines with fruit-symbols where first seen in the early 19th century and did not only pay out in coin - but also in chewing gum!

A lot has happened since then.

The modern gaming machines found at Casino Marienlyst have video monitors with virtual reels and buttons used for deciding how much you are willing to bet, on how many lines you want to bet and to start the game.

Lots of payment options

Coins are also almost history. All gaming machines in Casino Marienlyst accept bills and all larger payouts are conducted by casino staff (Slot Attendant), who will do their outmost to make your stay a pleasurable stay.

Therefore, it is customary - in accordance with the practice at all major international casinos - that the winner gives the Slot Attendant a token of appreciation for his work.

A guideline for tipping the Slot Attendant is 3% of the payout. This is equal to the tip expected on the gaming tables.